How to Plan a Hybrid Event in 2022

What is a hybrid event? You are very likely to get different answers every time you ask someone. What does a hybrid event mean to you? While every organization has a differing opinion on what it means to them – one thing is clear – hybrid events are growing in popularity. According to Marketing General Inc.’s latest Membership […]

10 Best Event Management Tools

The Best Event Management Tools The event management software market in the US is a $6.36 Billion market With hundreds of software programs and tools, starting to research the best event management tool for you can seem like a daunting task. There’s software for everyone to fit their budget, goals, skill sets, and technology stack. How to Choose […]

Virtual Conference and LMS Integration: What, Why & How

Virtual Conference and LMS Integration: How to Extend Conference Content Each platform has its own longevity, whether it is a virtual conference, learning management system, association management system, or any other. Most associations are looking for ways to maximize the time spent by members on their portal so that they can engage and cater to […]

How to Transition to Virtual Meetings When Meeting in Person Isn’t Possible

How to Transition to Virtual Meetings When Meeting in Person Isn’t Possible What happens when plans for an in-person meeting come unraveled? Inclement weather and many other circumstances can destroy even the best-laid plans. While these situations are beyond our control, we are responsible for coming up with solutions. It is important to consider the […]

Live, On-demand, and Simulive Virtual Events – What’s the Difference?

Virtual events have evolved. Current online capabilities exceed straightforward video and image exchanges between multiple people in separate locations. In fact, virtual events have grown to include more engagement. For example, gamification, chat rooms, and other features enable peer interaction. There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to orchestrating the perfect event. Organizations have unique goals. Attendees have diverse […]

How to Improve Online Meeting Experience

How to Improve Online Meeting Experience According to EventMB Research, 40% of planners have been unable to organize a successful virtual event this year, citing engagement as the biggest roadblock. However, is this necessarily a new phenomenon in the industry? It could be argued that before March 2020, many in-person attendees were doing exactly what virtual […]

EVA’s Top Choices: Best Microphones for Zoom Meetings and Conferences

As people continue to work from home, it is even more important that the words we speak to our loved ones, coworkers, clients, and staff members are heard clearly. Though there are microphones attached to our devices, depending upon its placement, it can be hard for others to hear us through the device’s microphone. The […]

How to Boost Attendee Engagement with Online Classes

Since the beginning of time (or at least the beginning of 2021), one vital question has perpetually plagued event coordinators, teachers, and entertainers alike: how can we increase attendee engagement for virtual audiences? While capturing and holding participants’ attention was no mean feat in the past, it has become exponentially more difficult now in our […]

Top Tips to Deal with In-Person Events Uncertainty

Many associations have changed their approach and strategy since the start of the pandemic, but there’s probably no internal staff team that has faced more uncertainty than the events/meetings department. And changes still keep coming, as they plan for the return of safe in-person events. Recently, the World Health Organization (WHO) classified a new Covid-19 […]

Top 5 Social Networking Activities for Virtual Meetings

Make Your Virtual Meetings Fun! Social Networking Activities for Virtual Meetings Formulating relationships is hard (for some) already, but when you add in the fact that there are people working from home, things become a bit more sticky. The following lists some of the ways in which you and your team can form bonds and […]