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Expect More from Your Registration and Virtual Event Platform

EVA provides a fully customizable event registration and virtual conference platform. Transform your attendees’ online experience with curated registration paths, intuitive navigation, and interactive engagement features. Leverage the power of data to help you build a strategic meetings program.

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Smart Registration

Go beyond simple registration forms. EVA’s online event registration management software enables you to provide your members, exhibitors, and other key stakeholders with a customized online registration journey. EVA’s team helps with seamless Single Sign-On activation to more complex integrations with Association Management Systems (AMS) and Customer Relations Management (CRM) platforms.


Going Virtual Made Simple with EVA

Unleash the power of AI to engage attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors. Think beyond streaming content and leverage nextgen engagement tools - AI-powered matchmaking, gamification, Single Sign-On (SSO), and sophisticated event data analytics. ROI-boosting and customizable online event registration and virtual conference platform tailored for meeting planners and associations.


Drive Qualified Leads and Deliver Real Value

Increase ROI for your exhibitors and sponsors. EVA offers in-app tools to drive traffic to booths and encourage engagement with exhibitors. Exhibitors can tap into EVA’s Analytics Dashboard to measure lead generation and gather valuable insights.

Leverage Engagement Tools Your Attendees and Exhibitors will Love

EVA’s sophisticated AI-powered matchmaking and gamification features incentivize attendees to maximize their online experience boosting both attendee engagement and exhibitor interaction.

  • AI Matchmaking

    AI Matchmaking

    Experience the power of AI within EVA that automatically recommends individuals with similar interests and goals for your attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors.

  • Appointment Setting

    Appointment Setting

    Enable attendees and exhibitors to mutually set appointments based on their schedule and have their calendars blocked so that they can meet right on time.

  • Gamification


    Assign points and badges to attendees based on their activities to boost participation and keep them engaged.

  • Networking Rooms

    Networking Rooms

    Build an organic community of attendees with shared interests to encourage participation, spark meaningful conversations and enable them to make the most of their engagement.

  • Video/Text Chats

    In-App 1:1 Video/Text Chats

    Facilitate real-time 1:1 video and text chat for attendees on EVA’s online conference platform. Seamlessly connect and collaborate with other attendees, sponsors or exhibitors, whom they really want to engage with.

Data Drives Insights

From registration to online engagement with EVA’s virtual event platform, EVA presents an interactive dashboard that helps you visualize:

Meeting and Development Experts at Your Fingertips

  • Registration Assistants

    Registration Assistants

    EVA’s registration portal is self-service, but you’re not alone. If you need assistance or have questions, contact your EVA registration specialist.

  • Virtual Meeting Producers

    Virtual Meeting Producers

    From setting up your virtual conference to live Zoom Room Hosts, EVA’s team makes virtual event management and planning easier. EVA’s team will alleviate the administrative burden of going live with your virtual or hybrid meeting.

  • Help Desk Agents for Your Virtual Conference

    Help Desk Agents for Your Virtual Conference

    Ensure your virtual attendees have a seamless online journey during your conference. EVA’s help desk agents are standing by live to assist attendees through an online chat. 90% of those looking for help need help with their login. Why make them wait for an email reply when they can get real-time assistance.

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Technology that Drives Event Success

Let EVA’s technology make the online attendee experience seamless and the engagement meaningful while empowering you with data insights that are easy to view and decipher. With EVA alleviating the technical and administrative burden, you’ll be able to focus on strategy and relationships - making you shine like the superstar that you are.

  • Increase Event Registrations

    Breaking down the physical walls of a conference room, virtual and hybrid conferences attract attendees who are restricted by travel restrictions and budgets. Opening your virtual conference doors provides your stakeholders with additional opportunities to engage with sessions, attendees, and exhibitors.

    Increase Registrations
  • Reduce Registration Abandonment

    Remove any barriers attendees might find in registering for your event. SSO, pre-filled forms, and customized event registration platform make it easy to start and complete registration.

    Reduce Registration Abandonment
  • Enhance Attendee Engagement

    Utilize EVA’s engagement tools to provide environments where attendees can do more than view virtual sessions. EVA’s Tech Toolkit offers AI-Matchmaking, Appointment Setting, Networking Rooms, and Gamification.

    Enhance Attendee Engagement
  • Prove Exhibitor and Sponsor ROI with Data Analytics

    EVA’s data analytics provides powerful insights into attendee demographics, conference engagement and interest/interaction with key supporters. Exhibitors and sponsors can now see and evaluate the data first hand.

    Prove Exhibitor and Sponsor ROI
  • Get More Hours in Your Day

    EVA’s team will make your registration and virtual conference planning easier. From our intuitive online event registration management software to personal assistance from meeting planning experts, EVA is designed to make your job easier. Why struggle with the administrative tasks when you can have a whole team on your side.

    Get More Hours in Your Day

Technology that Empowers You to Do More

Loved by Meeting Professionals

The meeting industry's adoption of online events is exposing many event organizers and professional meeting planners to their significant benefits.

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  • "The Big "I" Agents Council for Technology is Using EVA for our ACT TechSummit https://lnkd.in/da2MpcYD this week. They have been a phenomenal team to work with. The platform so far is impressive and is garnering compliments from our industry partners. Nothing but good things to say about this team."

    Ginny Winkworth Program Manager

    ACT - Agents Council for Technology (IIABA)
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