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Manage all your in-person, virtual and hybrid events under one portal.

Say goodbye to using multiple applications for publishing events. Welcome the all-in-one events management platform by EVA. An end-to-end event management platform, that empowers you to manage all your in-person, virtual, and hybrid events under one platform and deliver impactful experiences to attendees.

  • Efficiently manage all your events in one place
  • Predict future meeting success with event data insights
  • Improve marketing campaigns with smart segmentation
  • Enhance attendee experiences with cutting-edge engagement tools

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  • ASAE
  • PCMA
  • MPI
  • RHMP
  • AMPS
  • AWTC
  • IAEE

Increase Registrations and Drive More Attendees

Make a great first impression by creating custom registration paths

Set up an on-brand online event registration site with EVA. Use an intuitive platform to leverage Single Sign-On, create custom tickets, customize registration form fields, and monitor registration demographics or advanced metrics using reports and dashboards. Integrate the AMS/CRM that you use with EVA’s Registration Platform to pre-populate form fields for increased sign-ups.

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Suite of Event Management Solutions for All Your Events

Use a fully customizable meeting platform to reach your audience where they want to be

  • Managing in person conferences using events management platform

    In-Person Events

    Efficiently manage in-person events and elevate attendee experience with EVA’s in-person event technology tools.

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  • Managing virtual conference using events management platform

    Virtual Events

    Fully customize your events with AI-powered engagement tools and advanced data insights to drive event success.

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  • Managing hybrid meetings using events management platform

    Hybrid Events

    Bring your in-person and virtual attendees together and create immersive meeting experiences.

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Go Live with Your Event in Minutes with EVA’s Plug-n-Play Modules

Smart Event Registration

Go beyond simple registration forms. EVA’s online event registration software enables you to provide your members, exhibitors, and other key stakeholders with a customized online registration journey. EVA’s team helps with seamless Single Sign-On activation to more complex integrations with Association Management Systems (AMS) and Customer Relations Management (CRM) platforms.

All in one events management platform

All-in-One Events Management Platform

EVA offers one platform to manage all your in-person, hybrid, and virtual events. Use an intuitive self-serve portal to transform your attendees’ meeting experience. Leverage interactive AI-powered engagement tools that include matchmaking, smart appointment setting, built-in gamification, real-time video/chat, networking roundtables, and more. Harness the power of event data and analytics to help you build a strategic meetings program and deliver an enhanced attendee experience every time.

Deliver Experiences that Attendees Love Coming Back To

From creating custom registration paths to setting up matchmaking, EVA lets you plan and build out your entire event the way you want. Integrate both the registration and the all-in-one events platform to create more meaningful, engaging, and powerful experiences. Depending on your event needs, you can either choose to use any event modules as a standalone or together.

  • Elevated event management experience
  • Faster setup
  • Dedicated Event Team to help you every step of the way
  • FREE Integrated Event Data Reports and Dashboards - for making data-driven decisions and delivering improved meeting experiences every time.

Create Memorable Hybrid, In-Person, and Virtual Event Experiences

Build your dream event with a comprehensive range of engagement tools

Data Drives Insights

From attendee registration to online engagement with EVA’s virtual event platform, EVA presents an interactive dashboard that helps you visualize:

For meeting planners

Go live with your events with confidence in the new event landscape

For membership departments

Craft meaningful experiences for better member satisfaction

  • Networking rooms using events management platform

    Offer dedicated space for members to collaborate, engage, and grow their network - onsite or virtually.

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  • Cutting-edge attendee engagement tools in events management platform

    Deliver highly engaging meeting experiences with EVA’s AI-powered attendee engagement tools.

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  • Advanced meeting analytics in eva events management platform

    Keep a finger on the pulse of your members, gain insights on session, and engagement reports.

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For leadership

  • Conference data and reports in events management platform

    Take the guesswork out of data analysis. View analytics when you want them.

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  • Are your teams duplicating efforts to sync your data? As a data-driven platform, EVA works with your tech stack.

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  • Dedicated event management team for associations

    Give your teams the added support they need to manage multiple event formats. Team EVA provides dedicated account support every step of the way.

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EVA Customer support


Have Team EVA Beside You, Always

No matter where you are in your journey, Team EVA has got you covered. The self-serve registration and all-in-one events platform are designed to be user-friendly with a clean and smooth interface that allows you to customize your event experience in less time. We understand that at times even simple things can become complicated. Our responsive customer support team comprising meeting experts and virtual producers is always on its feet to assist you with anything that you need.

From setting up your registration and custom ticketing to going live with your conference site, Team EVA is ready for providing as-needed support via email, chat, and phone. Our experts guide you through an optimized process to ensure that your event is hassle-free and you can focus on what’s more important for you - strategy and planning.

Meeting and Development Experts at Your Fingertips

  • Event Registration Assistants

    Registration Assistance

    EVA’s registration platform is self-service, but you’re not alone. From event setup, to the day of the event, we're here to help. If you need assistance or have questions, contact your EVA registration specialist.

  • Virtual Conference and Meeting Producers

    Virtual Meeting Producers

    From setting up your virtual conference to live Zoom Room Hosts, EVA’s team makes virtual event management and planning easier. EVA’s team will alleviate the administrative burden of going live with your virtual or hybrid meeting.

  • Help Desk Agents for Your Virtual Conference

    Virtual Conference Help Desk

    Ensure your virtual attendees have a seamless online journey during your conference. EVA’s help desk agents are standing by live to assist attendees through an online chat. 90% of those looking for help need help with their login. Why make them wait for an email reply when they can get real-time assistance.

Ready to take your next online conference to the next level?

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Technology that Drives Event Success

Let EVA’s technology make the online attendee experience seamless and the engagement meaningful while empowering you with data insights that are easy to view and decipher. With EVA alleviating the technical and administrative burden, you’ll be able to focus on strategy and relationships - making you shine like the superstar that you are.

  • Increase Event Registrations

    Breaking down the physical walls of a conference room, virtual and hybrid conferences attract attendees who are restricted by travel restrictions and budgets. Opening your virtual conference doors provides your stakeholders with additional opportunities to engage with sessions, attendees, and exhibitors. EVA’s event registration software is simple and easy to use, so attendees are more likely to register.

    Increase Virtual Event Registrations
  • Reduce Registration Abandonment

    Remove any barriers attendees might find in registering for your event. Enable Single-Sign-On, use easy pre-filled forms, and customize the platform for your organization. EVA makes it easy to get started and easy for attendees to complete registration.

    Reduce Event Registration Abandonment
  • Enhance Attendee Engagement

    Utilize EVA’s engagement tools to provide environments where attendees can do more than view virtual sessions. EVA’s virtual event toolkit offers AI-Matchmaking, Appointment Setting, innovative event Networking Rooms, and incredible Gamification.

    Enhance Virtual Event Conference Attendee Engagement
  • Prove Exhibitor and Sponsor ROI with Data Analytics

    EVA’s advanced analytics provides powerful insights into attendee demographics, conference engagement and interest/interaction with key supporters. Exhibitors and sponsors can now see and evaluate the data first hand.

    Prove Exhibitor and Sponsor ROI
  • Get More Hours in Your Day

    EVA’s team will make your registration and virtual conference planning easier. From our intuitive online event registration management software to personal assistance from meeting planning experts, EVA is designed to make your job easier. Why struggle with your virtual event's administrative tasks? Allow EVA to make it easy.

    Get More Hours in Your Day

Technology that Empowers Your Organization to Do More

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The meeting industry's adoption of online events is exposing many event organizers and professional meeting planners to their significant benefits.

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  • "The Big "I" Agents Council for Technology is Using EVA for our ACT TechSummit this week. They have been a phenomenal team to work with. The platform so far is impressive and is garnering compliments from our industry partners. Nothing but good things to say about this team."

    Ginny Winkworth Program Manager

    ACT - Agents Council for Technology (IIABA)
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