1:1 Video & Text Chat

Enable attendees to meet and chat in real-time

Real-time Video and Text Chat In-Platform for Attendees

EVA’s virtual conference platform built for effective communication and engagement between attendees, speakers, poster authors, and exhibitors/sponsors, lets your attendees directly connect with one another using video and text chats. Attendees can easily choose to participate in a group conversation or connect 1:1 with any specific attendee/exhibitor. With EVA’s virtual platform, connecting and collaborating hassle-free via engaging communication features like real-time 1:1 video and text chat has never been easier.


Communication Features

Enhance attendee engagement experience through real-time communication with EVA’s built-in attendee interaction tools.

Live Video Chat

Facilitate live chat feature on EVA’s virtual conference platform. Allow your attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors to interact with each other in real-time. EVA’s platform offers a user-friendly interface for 1:1 as well as group chat.

1:1 Text Messaging

Enable your attendees to connect with each other using 1:1 private messaging within EVA’s virtual platform. Make way for easy and effective networking by seamlessly enabling the right people to meet at the right time.

Screen Sharing

Offer an easy screen-sharing feature for presenters and sponsors to visually engage attendees and make sessions more interesting. Leverage an immersive attendee experience with hassle-free screen sharing for virtual content.

Virtual Meetings

Let your in-person and virtual attendees connect in real-time through live video calls. Host seamless virtual meetings on EVA’s conference platform that allows you to engage and network better with attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors.

Keep the Conversation Going for Attendees

EVA’s virtual platform uses the best technology to ensure seamless connectivity for a fast and smooth live chat experience. This plug-and-play chat feature can help users connect in real-time and serve multiple purposes. Here are some use-cases:

  • Attendees can connect with presenters or exhibitors to collaborate on a future topic
  • Students can reach out to their mentors via video or text chat
  • Attendees can connect with fellow attendees to discuss a specific topic
  • Host exhibitor thought leadership sessions
  • Attendees can participate in poster session forums
  • Speakers can connect with each other – meet and greet sessions

Make Connections Seamless with EVA

Bring in-person and virtual attendees together with instant 1:1 video and text chat. See for yourself.