Event Tech Integration

Seamless System Integrations

Event Tech Integration Capabilities allow organizations to streamline their event management processes by seamlessly connecting various systems and tools. EVA specializes in these integrations to enhance efficiency, improve data accuracy, and deliver a superior event experience for both organizers and attendees. By leveraging EVA’s expertise, organizations can enjoy the benefits of cohesive, scalable event solutions that meet their unique needs.

Unmatched Integration Capabilities

EVA’s event tech integrations encompass a wide array of tools designed to optimize and simplify every aspect of event planning and execution. Whether integrating with popular CRM systems like Salesforce for seamless registration, utilizing SessionBoard for session management, or employing ExpoFP for exhibitor management, EVA ensures a smooth, interconnected workflow. Additionally, EVA integrates with robust analytics tools, offering real-time data insights to help organizers make informed decisions and enhance the attendee experience. These integrations are tailored to fit the unique requirements of each event, ensuring that organizations have the flexibility and power needed to deliver exceptional outcomes.

Unique Integration Benefits

Our platform stands out with its robust integration capabilities:

  • Unified Data Management: Consolidate data across multiple systems for a cohesive view of your event metrics.
  • Automated Workflows: Save time with automation that syncs data between platforms, reducing manual entry and errors.
  • Customizable API: Tailor integrations to meet your specific needs with our flexible API.
Automated Workflows

Why Choose EVA Event Tech Hub?

With a focus on efficiency and simplicity, EVA Event Tech Hub empowers you to manage your event’s sessions and speakers effortlessly. Our platform is designed to save you time, reduce stress, and elevate the overall quality of your event programming. With keywords like session management, event tech, call for speakers, and speaker management central to our mission, you can trust EVA to meet and exceed your needs.

Join the ranks of satisfied event professionals who have unlocked the potential of their events with the help of EVA Event Tech Hub.

Diverse Integration Types

EVA’s Event Tech Hub seamlessly integrates with a wide range of technologies, including:

CRM/AMS Systems

Salesforce Logo
Nimble by Community Brands


Nimble by Community Brands

Session Management

Sessionboard Logo

Exhibitor Management

Map Your Show

Mobile App

Event Mobi
Conference Compass

Video Streaming

Microsoft Teams
GoTo Webinars
Google Meet


Bear Analytics
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Integrating our CRM with EVA's Event Tech Hub was a game changer. The process was straightforward, and the support team was always there to help. We've seen a significant increase in attendee engagement and a 25% boost in ROI.

The integration process was smooth and hassle-free. EVA's Event Tech Hub enabled us to automate many tasks, saving us countless hours and allowing us to focus on delivering a great event experience.

Real-World Impact

Organizations using EVA’s Event Tech Hub have reported remarkable improvements:

Time Savings

Automating data sync and attendee management has reduced administrative tasks by up to 40%.

Increased ROI

Enhanced attendee engagement tools and unified data insights have driven up to 30% higher returns on investment.

Streamlined Operations

Simplified workflows and reduced manual errors have led to more efficient event planning and execution.

Ready to transform your event management?

 Discover the power of EVA’s Event Tech Hub and unlock a new level of efficiency and success.

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