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Elevate Your Events with EVA's Customizable Event Landing Pages

Welcome to a new era of event management with EVA’s Salesforce feature event landing pages. Designed to simplify and streamline your event planning process, our customizable landing pages integrate seamlessly with Salesforce, offering you a powerful tool that not only enhances the attendee experience but also optimizes your event marketing efforts. With EVA’s Salesforce event landing pages, you can easily create eye-catching, brand-consistent pages, track attendee data in real time, and leverage insightful analytics to make data-driven decisions. Discover how EVA can elevate your events and drive higher engagement and conversions

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Brand Consistency

Customizing your event landing page allows you to maintain brand consistency across all platforms. You can use your brand’s colors, logo, and typography to create a page that aligns with your overall brand identity. This not only enhances brand recognition but also builds trust with your audience.


Improved User Experience

A customized event landing page can offer a better user experience. You can design the page layout and navigation in a way that makes it easy for visitors to find the information they’re looking for, increasing the likelihood of them registering for the event.


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Increased Engagement and Conversion Rates

A well-crafted, personalized event landing page can increase engagement and conversion rates. By customizing the page to cater to your target audience’s preferences and needs, you can capture their interest, encourage them to spend more time on the page, and ultimately, motivate them to sign up for the event.

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