Registration Form Builder

Transform the way you organize events with EVA's customizable registration form builder.

Welcome to a new era of event management. EVA’s Salesforce-Native Event Registration App is here to simplify your event planning process, starting with the first step – registration.

Our standout feature, the Registration Form Builder, is designed to give you the power to create custom, branded registration forms that perfectly align with your event’s theme and requirements.

Easy-to-use Event Registration Builder

Create Tailored Registration Forms With Ease

Say goodbye to generic and mundane registration forms. Our app allows you to create personalized forms that resonate with your audience. Whether it’s for a conference, webinar, or charity run, you have complete control over the fields, design, and layout of your registration forms.

Seamless Salesforce Integration

Being native to Salesforce, our app ensures real-time synchronization of your registration data directly within your Salesforce environment. This means less time spent on manual data entry and more time focusing on what truly matters – creating memorable events.

Salesforce Native Event Registration App
Streamline Online Registration Experience

Enhance User Experience

A well-designed registration form can significantly improve the attendee experience. With our Registration Form Builder, you can ensure that your attendees find the registration process smooth, intuitive, and hassle-free.


Track Performance Effortlessly

With our pre-built reports, you can easily monitor the performance of your registration forms and gain valuable insights. Understand your audience better, optimize your forms based on real-time data, and drive higher conversion rates.

Event Registration Performance Dashboard

Join the revolution in event management today!

¬†Experience the power of EVA’s Salesforce-Native Event Registration App and take your events to the next level.