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Salesforce-Native Event Registration App works on multiple devices
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Registration Platform for Ticket Sales, RSVPs, and Event Ticketing

EVA’s Salesforce-Native Event Registration App provides an efficient and streamlined process for event registration and management. By leveraging the power of Salesforce, it offers real-time data synchronization, customizable registration forms, and comprehensive attendee management, enhancing event planning and execution.

Exploring the Powerful Tools of EVA's Salesforce-Native Event Registration

Dive into the robust toolkit offered by EVA’s Salesforce-Native Event Registration App, designed to simplify and enhance your event registration process.

Harnessing the Benefits of EVA's Event Registration Solution

Leveraging EVA’s Salesforce-Native Event Registration App benefits your event registration process by offering a seamless experience for your attendees. EVA is so easy to set up that you can focus more on running your event instead of worrying about the registration process.

User-Friendly Experience

With an easy-to-use interface, comprehensive features, and customizable registration form, EVA ensures a seamless user experience for your attendees. It allows registrants to quickly and easily register for your event without experiencing any unnecessary technical glitches.

Increased Efficiency

By utilizing EVA’s comprehensive event registration platform, you can increase your organization’s efficiency and productivity. Eliminate the need for manual data entry, multiple registrations tools, track registrations, and attendee behavior, and focus on growing your business.

Real-Time Reports

EVA’s real-time analytics gives you access to valuable insights about your attendees, including demographics and behavior. This data can help you better understand your attendees’ preferences and help in making data-driven decisions on your platform. It would help you better tailor your marketing and promotional campaigns to cater to your target audience, eventually driving increased attendance and revenue.

Person typing on laptop placed on lap with screen shot of EVA Salesforce Native App Dashboard

EVA's Key Features

With EVA as part of your event team, you can build an event registration form that meets your unique event needs.

Customized Event Registration Form

With EVA Salesforce-Native App, you can easily build your own registration site with a customized event registration form.

Manage and Monitor Your Events

Our native event registration platform makes it easy to manage and monitor your events from one central location.

Real-Time Insights in Salesforce

With our Salesforce-Native App, you can get real-time insights within Salesforce with built-in reports and dashboards.

EVA's Reg-in-a-Box: QR Mobile Check-In & Onsite Badge Printing

Welcome to EVA’s Reg-in-a-Box, your one-stop solution for seamless event check-ins and onsite badge printing. Our innovative system revolutionizes the way you manage your events by offering an efficient, tech-savvy alternative to traditional registration methods.

Mobile Phone with QR Code

QR Mobile Check-In

Gone are the days of long queues and manual registration! With our QR mobile check-in feature, attendees can swiftly register themselves using their smartphones. All they need to do is scan the QR code sent to them post-registration. This reduces waiting times and ensures a smooth entry process, enhancing the overall event experience for your guests.

Onsite Badge Printing

Enhance the professional look of your event with our onsite badge printing service. As soon as an attendee checks in via our QR system, their personalized badge gets printed on-site in real-time. This not only streamlines the process but also adds a personal touch, making your guests feel valued.

Table of Registration Rental Equipment

Equipment Rental

Don't worry about the logistics - we've got you covered. Our Reg-in-a-Box package includes the rental of all necessary equipment for the check-in and badge printing process. We provide high-quality, reliable devices that are easy to set up and use.

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