CEU Tracking for Events Made Easy with EVA

Program Requirements, Track Progress, and Issue Certificates

Streamline the Certificate Process with EVA

EVA provides planners with a way to easily set up and manage certificates for events and conferences. Our platform allows organizers to define and program the requirements needed for the certificate, allowing attendees to easily track their progress to meet the required criteria. Our administrative Backend, Mission Control, provides a step-by-step guide to help organizers set up their certificate program. This eliminates the need for any external processes and makes it easier for attendees to get their certificates quickly.

Professional Development Events Ideal for CE Tracking

EVA’s CEU Wizard is the perfect tool for managing and tracking continuing education units (CEUs). Its robust features and user-friendly interface make it the ideal choice for any event that aims to provide attendees with valuable learning experiences while ensuring accurate CEU tracking.

Discover the Comprehensive Tracking Capabilities of EVA's CEU Wizard

EVA’s CEU Wizard offers a comprehensive suite of tracking features designed to simplify and enhance your continuing education events. From attendance and participation to course completion and CEU accumulation, discover how our tracking system can streamline every aspect of CEU tracking for your events.

Attendance Tracker

Viewing Tracker

Online Surveys


Empowering Event Organizers with EVA's CEU Wizard

EVA’s CEU Wizard empowers event organizers with the tools to effectively manage, track, and report continuing education units (CEUs) at their events. From creating individual learning paths to generating detailed reports, discover how our platform can enhance your event management process and ensure a seamless CEU tracking experience.

EVA CEU Journey Builder

Easily Manage Requirements

Every organization has unique requirements for obtaining certificates. EVA makes it easy to program and manage these requirements in one platform. With EVA, organizers can easily input any combination of attendance, viewings, quizzes, and surveys that attendees must complete to get their certificates.

Track Attendee Progress

EVA allows attendees to easily track their progress to meet the required criteria. Our platform provides a dashboard that allows them to view what requirements they have met or not met so that they know exactly where they stand in the process.

Issue Certificates Quickly

EVA automatically issues private certificates when attendees meet the requirements. Our platform eliminates the need for any manual or external processes, allowing for quick and easy distribution of certificates.

Unlock the Benefits of Using EVA's CEU Wizard for Your Events

Event organizers can enjoy numerous benefits such as enhanced efficiency in managing continuing education units (CEUs), improved accuracy in tracking, and more insightful decision-making with comprehensive reports. Additionally, the platform’s user-friendly interface ensures a smooth and hassle-free experience, allowing you to focus more on creating impactful learning experiences.

EVA CEU Event Tracker

Customizes to Unique Requirements

Customizable certificates allow organizers to create certificates that match the unique requirements of their events and conferences. This feature enhances the value of the certificate for attendees and provides them with tangible proof of their achievements.

Eliminates Manual Tracking

Attendee progress tracking eliminates the need for manual tracking and ensures that attendees have a clear understanding of what they need to do to earn their certificate. This feature makes it easier for attendees to complete the necessary tasks and ensures that they do not miss any requirements.

Saves Time and Resources

Centralized program management simplifies the certificate management process and saves organizers time and resources. This feature eliminates the need for multiple platforms to manage certificates and makes it easier for organizers to issue certificates quickly and efficiently.

Key Features of EVA's CEU Wizard: Elevate Your CE Management Experience

EVA’s CEU Wizard brings a plethora of key features designed to elevate your continuing education event management. With functionalities ranging from customizable learning paths and real-time CEU tracking to comprehensive reporting and analytics, this platform redefines your experience by ensuring efficiency, accuracy, and convenience.

Customizable Certificate Requirements

EVA allows organizers to define unique requirements for obtaining certificates by using a combination of attendance, viewings, quizzes, and surveys. This feature allows organizers to tailor certificates to their events and conferences.

Real-Time Attendee Progress Tracking

With EVA, attendees can easily track their progress and see which requirements they have met or still need to fulfill. This feature eliminates the hassle of manually keeping track of attendees' progress and makes it easier for them to complete the necessary tasks.

Centralized Program Management​

EVA's Mission Control provides a centralized platform where organizers can easily set up their certificate program, track progress, and issue certificates all in one place. This feature eliminates the need for any external processes and streamlines the certificate management process.

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