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Create an online conference experience that goes beyond streaming content. EVA provides engaging experiences for attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors. Associations and nonprofits can easily go virtual with your dedicated virtual production team at EVA.

  • Simple, intelligent and secure registrations with Single Sign-On.
  • Enhanced engagement with AI-powered matchmaking.
  • Real-time help desk services for one-on-one assistance to attendees.
  • Sophisticated analytics to track engagement, ROI, and more.

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Customize and configure your virtual platform the way you want

There’s no one size fits all for virtual conferences. Design and build your virtual conference portal with your brand, customized-registration forms, and flexible features. EVA focuses on the attendee experiences ensuring the conference portal is relevant and easy-to-navigate. Work with EVA’s virtual production team to create memorable experiences for your attendees, speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors.


Personalized Attendee Schedule

Allow attendees to manage their online schedule by adding and deleting sessions.


Single Sign-On (SSO) for Conference Portal

Offer an innovative and secure login solution to your attendees—one-time login to access multiple sessions.


Online Video Library

Record your sessions in real-time and provide easy access to your video library for an enhanced attendee experience.


Engaging your audience is the key to a meaningful virtual conference.

According to studies, humans have a shorter attention span than goldfish. EVA offers the right set of tools to engage your audience during the sessions, enable them to network seamlessly and stay focused throughout the virtual conference.


Surveys, Polls, and Quizzes

EVA’s integration with Zoom allows you to harness the power of conference tools and analytics. Leverage the Raise Hand or Q&A functions with live polls and virtual whiteboards, allowing attendees to collaborate in real-time.


AI-Powered, Matchmaking

Experience the power of AI within EVA that automatically recommends individuals with similar interests and goals for your attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors.


Breakout Rooms

Educational breakout sessions that encourage attendee participation and lead to creative discussions.



Assign points and badges to attendees based on their activities to boost participation and keep them engaged.


Live Chat

Facilitate conversation between exhibitors and attendees through text chat, group chats, and 1:1 discussion over audio and video.

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You have EVA's team by your side every step of the way

EVA understands that virtual conferences are lifelines for many associations. That is exactly why her team is always by your side to provide assistance and assurance for a smooth and seamless virtual hosting experience.


Virtual Meeting Planning Team

An orchestrated team of meeting coordinators and developers for optimized attendee engagement, learning and networking, backed by 60+ years of experience.


Conference Development Team

250+ developers on staff to customize the virtual platform tailored for your attendees. Single Sign-On (SSO), cybersecurity, video streaming, analytics—EVA’s team has all the tech skills to get you there.


Dedicated Tech Support

EVA’s team of virtual producers is always available to ensure that each of your sessions and breakout rooms function the way they should.


Real-Time Assistance

From keeping track of attendees and speakers to resolving last-minute issues, EVA’s team excels in managing every aspect of your conference and keeps everything in sync.


White-Glove Service

Virtual assistants and online producers configure everything for you. In addition, we have a team at your disposal for one-on-one assistance for attendees and exhibitors to troubleshoot any technical difficulties that might arise.


A measured event is an improved event.

EVA reduces the load on your virtual conference team for generating custom reports, enabling them to focus more on what they do best. Leverage the power of EVA + Bear IQ and dive into insightful virtual conference metrics—analyze attendee engagement, track sessions, and content, realize sponsor/exhibitor ROI and more.


Audience Engagement

Showcase the depth and breadth of the audience engagement with the virtual, hybrid, or in-person conference elements and compare the engagement averages of different types of attendees.


Program Tracking

Track the popularity of different sessions and content uncovering which audience segments engage across various program elements


Sponsor and Exhibitor ROI

Tell the story from each exhibitor's perspective, including their overall engagements, performance vs. conference averages and deep dive into the demographics of their leads.

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