Virtual Networking Rooms

Dedicated Space for Attendee Engagement

Meaningful Connections

EVA provides a dedicated virtual space where attendees can gather to network, collaborate, and innovate. Whether it is a roundtable discussion, workshop, or casual networking room, attendees can join peers in a virtual room at a dedicated time with a dedicated purpose. Much like in-person meetings, attendees are looking to engage with other attendees outside of informative plenary and breakout sessions. Give attendees a space where they can come together to discuss the conference topics, challenge ideas, and explore ways to collaborate.


Making Networking Rooms Appealing

In a virtual conference platform, there are many activities for attendees. Messaging and formatting are keys to capturing attendees’ interest. EVA’s networking rooms offer a variety of ways to display your networking rooms:


Easy Access

Once an attendee is logged into EVA, they can easily join an EVA Virtual Networking Room. It is as easy as clicking the “Join Now” button! Attendees can easily navigate to the rooms via timed notifications on the virtual platform or by navigating to the Networking Rooms page. EVA offers multiple options to assist attendees in navigating their virtual conference experience.


Leverage the Power of Virtual Networking Rooms

Real-Time Video Conferencing

Connect with attendees in an informal virtual environment using real-time video. Up to 16 attendees can be seen on the screen and have full video and audio controls.

Instant 1:1 Messaging

EVA’s Networking Rooms are equipped with built-in real-time chat functionality. This tool allows attendees to interact with each other via text chat.

Seamless Screen Sharing

EVA’s Networking Rooms enable hosts to share their screens during presentations. Attendees can share materials as if they were in person.

Value Prop of Capability

Exhibitor Thought Leadership Sessions
Roundtable Discussions
Meet & Greet Speakers
First Time Attendees Reception
Mentor/Mentee Intros
Chapter Meetings
Poster Session Forum
Sponsor Network Lounge

Use Breakout Rooms for Better Engagement

Use EVA’s virtual networking roundtables as breakout rooms. Encourage attendees to collaborate and engage with the right people for meaningful discussions. Learn from industry experts how you can leverage breakout rooms to break away from the typical “sit and learn” model and encourage attendee participation.


No Additional Cost!

EVA does not charge additional fees for setting up Networking Rooms and Roundtables for your online, in-person, or hybrid events. You can set up as many rooms and roundtables as you want without any restrictions on the number of attendees joining in each room or roundtable session. All the cost is already included in EVA’s Base package.