Virtual Poster Gallery

Interactive poster experience encouraging attendee engagement

Meaningful Connections for Poster Authors and Attendees

With in-person conferences, attendees can meet authors of posters and fellow attendees interested in the same content. EVA’s virtual poster gallery allows you to extend that experience, increasing opportunities for networking and learning. EVA goes beyond simple PDF viewings and downloads. Attendees can engage with one another and authors through EVA’s:

  • Matchmaking
  • Appointment Setting
  • Meet the Author Virtual Networking Rooms
  • 1:1 Video and Text Chats
  • Discussion Forums

Personal Resource Center

Attendees can save conference materials to their private collection with their own notes.

Personal Resource Center

Every action in EVA’s Poster Gallery can be tracked to give organizers the number of views, downloads, and interactions. Integrate EVA with your AMS/CRM and get greater insights.


EVA’s Admin Portal gives you complete control of uploading and editing Poster content in real-time. Get valuable insights with EVA’s Data Analytics Board.


Easily allow authors to share PDFs and video/audio recordings in EVA’s Author Portal. This self-service portal allows authors to upload and edit their poster information in real-time.


During your online event, attendees can easily browse the posters and/or search for the topics that interest them.

Effortless Poster Submission

Save time and effort by letting authors submit their posters and stay in control with EVA’s intuitive interface.

  • Customize the submission form based on your requirements
  • Submit abstracts, posters, PowerPoint slides, video files, and more
  • Organize bulk presentations by sessions, topics, or presentation types

Author Portal

A self-service center that allows authors to upload poster materials, including PDFS, video and audio recordings, bios, and headshots. EVA’s Help Desk assists authors with any trouble they might encounter.


Poster Access Anytime

Get your attendees excited! Give them access to virtual posters ahead of your event. With EVA, your attendees can:

  Search and filter through the whole poster section content

  Discover the posters, infographics, and other content ahead of the event and bookmark the important ones

  Explore content through a user-friendly interface

  Ask questions to authors and start the conversation

Make your virtual conference a success with enhanced poster presentations.