Event Analytics

Insightful metrics to measure & improve events

Event Insights at Your Fingertips

EVA provides a host of insightful event metrics powered by data analytics experts with event and meeting planner backgrounds. Transform and simplify event reporting by significantly reducing the load on your team, catering to custom event report generation after each event. EVA enables you to easily access advanced event metrics for each event right inside the virtual conference platform, making it unique in the ever-growing event tech platform marketplace.


Sophisticated Analytics for Virtual and Hybrid Events

Dive into in-depth reports that bring out every detail of your virtual or hybrid event and help you analyze how successful the event is. From audience engagement, sponsorship revenue and everything that happens after an attendee completes an event registration, including demographics data, EVA presents you with every possible combination of event metrics that any meeting professional  would love to see.


Overall event performance

Organizers want to understand their virtual, hybrid, or in-person events trajectory from post-event engagement to post-event tail via topline metrics, audience composition, and engagement snapshots.


Program tracking

Track the popularity of specific event sessions and engagement with all content. Uncover which audience segments engage across various program elements.


Sponsor and exhibitor ROI

Tell the event’s story from each exhibitor’s perspective, including their overall engagements, performance vs. event averages, and deep dive into the demographics of their leads.


Audience engagement

Showcase the depth and breadth of the audience engagement with the virtual, hybrid, or in-person event elements and compare the engagement averages of different types of attendees.


Leverage the Power of Advanced Event Metrics

Better understand your audience

Utilizing the power of event analytics and data, you can see your audience composition evolve throughout the event. Understanding segments across demographics, such as location and registration type.

Improve efficiency

Free up your event team to do what they do best. No more custom reporting or spreadsheet inquiries—EVA takes the analytical load on you and your team.

Event success

A measured event is an improved event. EVA empowers today’s event organizers to grow their audiences and drive exhibitor and sponsor revenues.

Prove event ROI

EVA showcases the value centers of your event—whether exhibitor connections, sponsorship engagement, or content consumption.

Easy to use

EVA's event metrics portal is easy to use—it turns anyone into a data analyst. Click, hover, or export to put your event data into your hands before, during, and after the event.

Are you ready for next-gen event analytics and an elevated attendee experience?

Tap into EVA’s white-glove services; we ensure that associations have smooth and reliable virtual and
hybrid event experiences. Customizable event packages tailored to your requirements.

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