Generate More Leads with Your Sponsors & Exhibitors

Choose EVA for a customizable virtual trade show + enhanced lead generation experience.


Customize and configure your virtual trade show platform

Show off your products and services at our Custom Exhibit Portal. Design and brand your booth with attractive graphics and other desired features to attract exhibitors and optimize the event experience.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Go beyond directory listing and add value with banners and rotating images.

Customizable Virtual Booth

Use your brand logo, colors, and images throughout the virtual conference platform for an on-brand experience.

Exhibitor Videos

Personalized video options to organize your content based on custom needs. Host live or recorded sessions and launch Q&A to engage the attendees.

Personalized Schedule

Schedule meetings and personalized features to manage attendance by adding or deleting sessions.


Spark meaningful conversations to drive leads in real-time

Eva offers engagement tools to maximize interaction between exhibitors and visitors. Eliminate the hassle and rush of long waiting lines around booths with our real-time text, audio, and video chat features.

Exhibitor Chat

Standout features like one-to-one chat rooms, video calls, moderated/unmoderated chats, and attendee profile.

Meeting Scheduler

Attendees can book appointments with exhibitors. Exhibitors can also request and schedule meetings with attendees.

Surveys, Polls, and Quizzes

EVA’s integration with Zoom allows you to harness the power of in-event tools and analytics. Leverage the Raise Hand or Q&A functions with live polls and virtual whiteboards, allowing for attendees to collaborate in real-time.

AI-Powered, In-Event Matchmaking

Experience the power of AI within EVA that automatically recommends individuals with similar interests and goals for your attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors.

Breakout Rooms

Educational breakout sessions that encourage attendee participation and lead to creative discussions.


Assign points and badges to attendees based on their activities to boost participation and keep them engaged.


Real-time assistance to tackle disruptions

EVA works closely with your team to answer questions and troubleshoot requests from your attendees and exhibitors. Eva ensures that your trade show is a hassle-free experience throughout every session and breakout room with live support.

Dedicated Tech Support

EVA’s team of virtual producers are always available to ensure that each of your sessions and breakout rooms function the way it should.

24/7 Chat Support

Real-time email and chat support from our helpdesk, where experts guarantee to answer all your questions.

White-Glove Service

Virtual assistants and online producers configure everything for you. In addition, we have a team at your disposal for one-on-one assistance for attendees and exhibitors to troubleshoot any technical difficulties that might arise.

All-Inclusive Event Assistance

From setting up stunning landing pages and registration forms to sharing post-event insights—EVA’s got your back throughout the show.

Virtual Meeting Planning Team

Achieve optimized attendee engagement, learning, and networking with our experienced team of meeting coordinators and developers backed by 60+ years of experience.


Track event performance with valuable insights

Leverage the power of data automation with EVA + Bear IQ and tap into detailed custom metrics with every trade show. Detailed dashboards and reports that let you track and analyze event performance and determine ROI.

Audience Engagement

Track login details, exhibitor attendance rates, and user activity in real-time during your trade show. Apply these insights in your next show to enhance your exhibitor and sponsor experience.

Program Statistics

Track booth visits with clicks, downloads, and chat activity so exhibitors can analyze booth performance.

Sponsor and Exhibitor ROI

Tell the event's story from each exhibitor's perspective, including their overall engagements, performance vs. event averages, and deep dive into the demographics of their leads.

You'll love how EVA empowers
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