Virtual Trade Show

Adding Value with Lead Generation & Demos

Provide Value to Exhibitors & Sponsors

Go beyond logo recognition and give your exhibitors and sponsors what they want: BRAND AWARENESS & LEAD GENERATION.

Tradeshow Chat
Exhibitor Chat
Exhibitors can directly chat with exhibitors real-time
Exhibitor Directory
Enhanced Exhibitor Directories
Exhibitors design their booths banners, brochures, logos and videos
Exhibitor Videos
Exhibitor Videos
Allow exhibitors to host live or recording sessions
Customized Booths
Customized Booths
Exhibitors design their booths banners, brochures, logos and videos.
All-Inclusive Pricing
All-Inclusive Pricing
Includes customization, licenses, dedicated techs & virtual assistants
Personalized Schedule
Personalized Schedule
Attendees can manage their own online schedule by adding and deleting sessions
Sponsorship Opportunities
Sponsorship Opportunities
Go beyond directory listing and add value with banners and rotating images
Dedicated Tech Support
Tech Support
for every session and breakout room
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Get In Touch

Exhibitor Management

EVA's Virtual Assistants will customize each booth to reflect the exhibitor's brand, post videos, and showcase downloadable brochures.

Easy Set Up

Provide your Virtual Assistant with the schedule, descriptions, speaker details and more. We'll take care of all the technical set up and provide you with site that's ready to promote.

Central Portal

Whether it's a stand-alone trade show or part of a conference,  provide your attendees one landing spot to gain access to your online experience.

Booth Chats

Attendees can meet with exhibitors 1:1 to ask questions and network.

Booth Branding

From logos to colors, exhibitor work with EVA's Virtual Assistants to customize the booth.

Lead Generation

Attendees can easily share their information with exhibitors.

Video Branding

Exhibitors can post a demo or any video advertising on their booth.

Exhibitor Demos

Much like a breakout session, you can allow exhibitors to host a session inviting attendees to visit their booth for a demo or workshop.

Booth Materials 

Exhibitors can post materials for attendees to download.


Give attendees the opportunity to interact with one another either one-on-one or in group environments.

Polls & Surveys

Exhibitors can engage booth visitors with polls and surveys.

Real-Time Assistance

Have a dedicated help desk agent available to assist your attendees online.