How to Boost Attendee Engagement with Online Classes

Since the beginning of time (or at least the beginning of 2021), one vital question has perpetually plagued event coordinators, teachers, and entertainers alike: how can we increase attendee engagement for virtual audiences? While capturing and holding participants’ attention was no mean feat in the past, it has become exponentially more difficult now in our post-pandemic, hybrid and virtual landscape. In this blog, we will review Virtual Xperiences, a customizable engagement and networking (or team-building) solution that associations and meeting planners can leverage for an immersive attendee experience.

Virtual Xperiences

Before we dive into a detailed review, let’s understand what exactly Virtual Xperiences offers.

Company Name: Virtual Xperiences
Category: Entertainment
Ideal Virtual Use: Events focusing on attendees connecting with one another: team-building, networking, ice-breakers. Also great for virtual holiday parties/other virtual get-togethers.

How it works:

  1. Choose an Xperience and any customizations for your client or team.
  2. Participants receive their custom Xperience kit 2-5 days prior to the Xperience date.
  3. Log in to meet your celebrity talent and enjoy the Xperience!

We’ll cover it in detail in the next few sections.

Entertainment Options

There are many different methods to address this common conundrum, but one organization, Virtual Xperiences, has solved this problem in an elegantly simple way: by getting the audience directly involved. Virtual Xperiences specializes in getting virtual audiences engaged by offering unique experiences attendees can participate in alongside their fellow virtual event-goers. Each Virtual Xperience is a 60-minute interactive course that can range from making and tasting signature cocktails to baking and decorating cupcakes, or even watching a magic show and learning a trick or two! Arranged by skill level, audiences looking for a more relaxed event experience will be just as satisfied as audiences looking to flex their skills and take on a challenge.

How Virtual Xperiences works?

Each Xperience is hosted by an engaging entertainer, an expert in their field, who will guide the audience through the Xperience step-by-step, whether it be wine-tasting, boxing lessons, guided yoga, or a cooking demonstration. However, it doesn’t stop there. What makes Virtual Xperiences truly stand out are their Xperience Kits. Each Xperience features an accompanying Xperience Kit containing the ingredients, tools, and other supplies necessary for their Virtual Xperience. These kits can be mailed directly to the attendee’s doorstep days before the event. This way, attendees can cook, paint, or practice their uppercut right alongside their Virtual Xperiences host and fellow virtual audience members.

By combining an engaging, entertaining virtual presentation with real-world components and interactivity, Virtual Xperiences has found a deliciously innovative (pun intended) way to increase audience engagement.

What do you need to live stream Virtual Xperiences?

You don’t need an AV team or camera crew; Virtual Xperiences works with Zoom, and is also able to work with clients who only use other platforms such as Teams or Google Meet. All you need to do is make your Virtual Xperiences Host the speaker and make sure to follow along!

Why do we like Virtual Xperiences?

We like Virtual Xperiences because it’s innovative and by-design guaranteed to increase audience entertainment and engagement. While most virtual event organizers are no stranger to using videos and online polling to increase attendee engagement, these techy tricks to hold an audience’s attention simply do not last if the event itself is not inherently entertaining. Sending the attendees physical items that they will have to use during their Virtual Xperience and encouraging participants to follow alongside their Virtual Xperience host ensures that the audience is actively engaged and participating the entire time.

EVA’s Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Some may find Virtual Xperiences to be a little on the high-end of their budget; while the kits come with almost everything you’ll need, participants may have to pay for perishable items themselves.

EVA’s team members continuously search for engaging activities and applications that we can recommend to clients. We love to share what we find and hope that you find this blog post useful.

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