EVA’s Top Choices: Best Microphones for Zoom Meetings and Conferences

As people continue to work from home, it is even more important that the words we speak to our loved ones, coworkers, clients, and staff members are heard clearly. Though there are microphones attached to our devices, depending upon its placement, it can be hard for others to hear us through the device’s microphone. The following list shows great examples of external microphones that can be used.

#1: Blue Yeti

EVA recommends this type of microphone if you are a presenter or someone that will have a lot of spoken content in one setting (for example, a professor or a podcaster).

  • Allows subtle sounds to be heard (if you are working on multiple screens/devices the information can still be audible).
  • Has a broader range of sound direction (you won’t have to be speaking directly into your device to be heard).

Sound is picked up from all sides of the microphone. Records sound from both sides of the device; needed if you were doing an interview with someone.

#2: Jounivo USB Recording Microphone

EVA recommends this type of microphone if your office space is limited.

  • Allows you to plug it into your computer directly
  • Adjustable and compact (if you are traveling)
  • Reasonably priced (less than $30)

#3: Samson Go Mic

EVA recommends this for smaller workspaces and budgeting purposes.

  • Can be clicked to any device or desk
  • Compactable
  • Works for both MAC and PCs

That’s a Wrap!

All things being relative, we would recommend (if you can afford it and are going to be making a lot of presentations) using an external microphone like the Blue Yeti because it allows the most subtle sounds to be heard (which can also come in handy if your presentation is going to be transcribed for any reason). However, if you know that you will not have a lot of content-heavy presentations, then go for the USB Recording Microphone because of spacing.

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