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Boost Attendee Engagement with Gamification

Boost Attendee Engagement with Gamification

EVA’s gamification incentivizes attendees to engage the conference platform to maximize their online experience. Attendees are rewarded for attending conference sessions, connecting with peers, visiting exhibitor booths and other activities that encourage engagement. Tap into your attendees’ competitive nature and leverage game principles that include goals, points, badges and leaderboards to reward them. EVA’s out-of-the-box gamification facilitates both attendee interaction and exhibitor engagement.

Gamification Adds Value to the Attendee Experience

Today's virtual conference platforms offer much more than simple video streaming.  EVA offers features that promote networking, exchange of ideas, and innovation.  Planners are tasked with how to get attendees to explore all the different features a platform offers. Through gamification, attendees can be rewarded for:

  • Going beyond their comfort zone and connect with other attendees
  • Visiting exhibitors they might otherwise forget
  • Entering networking rooms to initiate discussions and explore ideas
  • Providing integral data for surveys and polls

NextGen Gamification from EVA


Collect attendee data using live polls, surveys and Q&As incorporated right into your gamification component.

Real-Time Sync - Leaderboards, Badges, Points

EVA’s virtual platform provides real-time updates and syncs attendees’ progress on the leaderboard, badges, and points earned to offer a seamless experience.

Customize your game

Set custom objectives and rewards for your attendees. EVA can easily set up the game for your virtual event and enables your attendees to enjoy their experience.

Gamify Your Next Virtual Meeting with EVA

Customize gamification rules, objectives, and rewards. Build and promote a game that generates traffic throughout your conference
portal including sessions, trade shows, networking rooms, matchmaking and much more.

Talk with one of our meeting experts now to see how EVA can gamify your meeting.