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Engagement Tools Made for Meeting Planners

Associations and nonprofits are always looking for ways to improve their meetings, conferences, and events. One area that is top of mind for association professionals is attendee engagement. How attendees interact with one another was a priority with in-person meetings before the pandemic and continues to be a concern as organizations change their strategic meeting plans.

67% of event marketers find it challenging to keep the attendees engaged during the virtual event

63% of event marketers believe that attendee engagement tools play a crucial role in their event marketing strategies.

More than 81% of virtual event marketers use event planning tools to improve audience engagement.

EVA brings you a complete set of attendee engagement tools that are designed to deliver value to members, increase engagement, enable attendees to grow their network, and participate more with the association.

Get Engagement-Ready for Your Next Conference

EVA brings you a complete set of attendee engagement tools that are designed to deliver value to members, increase engagement, enable attendees to grow their network, and participate more with the association.


Make Engagements More Meaningful with AI-Powered Matchmaking

One of the things that attendees look forward to is connecting with people from similar backgrounds and growing their network. EVA’s matchmaking enables attendees to meet with the right people at the right time, improve meeting quality and boost engagement. EVA’s AI-enabled matchmaking algorithm allows attendees to seamlessly connect with exhibitors/sponsors regardless of whether they are in-person or virtual. Encourage connections and extend conversations that go beyond the conference “walls”.


Set Up Appointments

Enable attendees and exhibitors to mutually set appointments based on when organizers allow for networking and on availability. To accommodate various meeting modalities, EVA allows attendees to set an in-person or online meeting location. Attendees can manage all their appointments in-platform and sync with their Google, Outlook, or iCal calendars.


Incentivize Attendees and Add Value to their Experience

Encourage your attendees to explore different parts of your face-to-face or virtual event. Gamification from EVA lets you tap into your attendees’ competitive spirit. Reward them for attending sessions, joining roundtables, visiting exhibitor booths, and connecting with peers. Leverage gaming principles that include goals, points, badges, and leaderboards. Exhibitors and sponsors love the added exposure that drives them to their in-person or online advertising or exhibitor booth.


Seamless 1:1 Video and Text Chat

Facilitate real-time 1:1 video and text chat for attendees on EVA’s online conference platform. Allow your attendees to connect and collaborate hassle-free with other attendees, sponsors, or exhibitors, with whom they really want to engage.


Dedicated Virtual Space for Attendee Engagement

Much like in-person meetings, attendees are looking to engage with other attendees outside of informative plenary and breakout sessions. EVA offers virtual networking rooms where attendees can gather to network, collaborate, and innovate. Whether it is a roundtable discussion, workshop, or casual networking room, attendees can join peers in a virtual room at a dedicated time with a dedicated purpose. Build an organic community of attendees with shared interests and encourage participation.


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