The Top 3 Benefits of AI-Matchmaking at Your Next Event

In today’s climate, delivering value to attendees and exhibitors is crucial for event organizers. Fortunately, with the use of emergence of artificial intelligence, event matchmaking provides a channel to provide that value. With AI-matchmaking, organizers can provide a deeper level of connection between attendees and exhibitors. Instead of connecting with everyone, exhibitors can focus on relevant people who are interested in their product or service.

What is AI-Powered Event Matchmaking?

AI-powered matching brings together relevant matches between exhibitors, sponsors, and attendees to deliver real value. Typically, matchmaking rules are set to determine match relevance using known data points, attendee interests, and occasionally machine learning. By creating suitable matches through AI technology, the event industry is solving some key issues for all stakeholders.

And, while the term “AI” may sound like it relates to virtual events, AI matchmaking serves in-person events, as well. Whether it is a virtual event or in-person, AI-powered matchmaking tools support the following functionality.

Sharing Contact Information

Using sophisticated data to create relevant matches means nothing if the parties can’t communicate with each other. Any platform that offers matchmaking will also likely include contact information to open lines of communication between participants.

Meeting Scheduling Between Connections

One of the main issues exhibitors and attendees face is the ability to schedule meetings with the best matches. Tools that leverage AI typically allow connections to schedule interactions with the most relevant people at the event.

Connecting with Video

AI-powered tools also allow individuals to network in a variety of different ways. Many tools will integrate video streaming platforms, allowing users to connect from all over the world.

Networking with Real-Time Engagement via Messaging

Let’s face it, attendees might not always be interested in a video call. Instead, they are looking for alternate means of networking so that they can continue with event sessions. Enter SMS/MMS communications through the platform app. Attendees and exhibitors can trade messages throughout the event and only take time for a video chat when it is suitable.

3 Ways AI-Matchmaking Benefit Events

Event matchmaking isn’t the first time AI has been used to pair matches based on interests, algorithms, and machine learning. In many ways, online dating revolutionized the way people form deep connections, making a more efficient process. But, unlike a dating app, attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors are typically far more selective about who they match with.

Artificial intelligence allows attendees to determine what might be relevant to move their needs forward. Likewise, AI-matchmaking helps exhibitors and sponsors scour data on meeting attendees to match with potential leads.

There are many ways AI-powered event matchmaking positively impacts virtual events, as well as in-person invents. Three of the top benefits artificial intelligence provide in the event space include:

Increased Attendee Engagement

Participants are pining for a customized experience when they attend events. And, AI-powered matchmaking can facilitate that process by making relevant suggestions. For example, if the attendee is looking for a fellow attendee at the event with similar interests, they can use the app to communicate.

Plus, proper event platforms won’t only facilitate networking, but they will also protect user data. Users can confidently interact with their match knowing their data is secured.

Better Lead Generation for Exhibitors and Sponsors

Proper data analysis is crucial for exhibitors. It provides their best chances at turning a significant ROI from meetings they attend. But, data is only the beginning of the story. Exhibitors and sponsors are able to get finely tuned lists they can take with them after the event.

And, at the conclusion of the event, they’ll be able to market to their prospects smarter, based on preferences. AI has a profound impact on not just who exhibitors interact with, but how they interact with them. With loads of relevant data, interactions can not just include stock post-meeting messaging, it can sound like authentic human interaction.

With exhibitor and sponsor ROI top of mind for event success, artificial intelligence will likely continue to evolve in the way it serves exhibitors and sponsors.

Meetings that Satisfy User Preferences

What does all of this AI-powered technology result in? Simply put, events that satisfy all of the stakeholders by providing rich interactions that meet attendee interests and exhibitor/sponsor goals. When networking is carefully curated to meet the needs of the person and facilitate their interests, the more value they receive from events.

Additionally, exhibitors and sponsors can spend their resources on the leads that matter most to them. They can carefully curate suggestions and paraphernalia for their ideal prospect, and drive engagement. This all leads to them cultivating meaningful connections that, in the end, will result in ROI. And, when the ROI report is strong after an event, exhibitors and sponsors are usually very happy.

The Future of Event Matchmaking

Event technology is going to continue to grow in prominence. A recent study showed that three-quarters of event organizers will continue investing in digital technology as part of the event strategy. And, companies are just learning how to develop algorithms that can bring users together. As a result, artificial intelligence will only continue to grow in relevance as more and more companies learn to properly leverage their users’ data.

With the demand for AI-centered matchmaking continuing to grow, event platforms will continue to find ways to incorporate them into their systems. The result will be better events, more robust matchmaking criteria, and deeper networking opportunities with event attendees. The future of matchmaking is bright, and it’s crucial that event organizers consider how their platforms are using AI to benefit meeting participants.

How to Begin Using Artificial Intelligence for Your Events

First, let’s address the elephant in the room. A Pew Research poll showed 79% of participants are at least somewhat concerned with how their data is used. With access to consumer data, there is a significant responsibility for organizers and their event platform to be ethical stewards of data. Beyond ethics, there is a duty the AI tool keeps data secure. It’s essential your platform has a process in place to address these needs.

EVA’s Event Tech Hub uses AI technology to bring attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors together to provide richer experiences for all parties involved. If you’re interested, book a demo to see how your events can begin using AI to drive meaningful results.

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