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Meaningful Attendee Engagement with AI-Powered Matchmaking

Equipped with AI-driven matchmaking. EVA’s virtual conference platform boosts attendee engagement and generates more significant ROI for your exhibitors/sponsors. By providing an elevated networking experience, your attendees can make meaningful connections with other attendees, extend their conversations beyond the session rooms and develop a network that lasts beyond the conference “walls.”

Leverage the power of in-event matchmaking to enable attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors to stir up natural and productive conversations, thus keeping them engaged in your virtual conference.

What is Matchmaking?

EVA’s Matchmaking enables attendees to make meaningful connections in-person and virtually

Organizers customize categories relevant to their attendees. After attendees set their preferences, through the power of AI, EVA plays matchmaker.  Attendees can reach out to attendees with similar interests to:

  • Share contact information
  • Set a meeting time
  • Connect via video
  • Share real-time in-app text chat messages.
EVA’s Matchmaking
Benefits When You Leverage AI-Matchmaking

Benefits When You Leverage AI-Matchmaking

Networking is as important as education in conference sessions. Here’s why you and your attendees will love EVA’s Matchmaking.

  • Increase Attendee Engagement - With EVA’s Matchmaking, attendees can easily identify other participants who have similar interests making connecting easier. Utilizing in-platform video calls and text messaging allows attendees ease of access while protecting their privacy.
  • Drive Lead Generation for Exhibitors and Sponsors - Give exhibitors and sponsors the return on investment (ROI) that justifies their spending at conferences. EVA’s AI-powered matchmaking provides exhibitors with:
    • An easy way to identify and save target audiences
    • In-platform communication tools to connect with attendees
    • A scheduling calendar that matches availability times
  • Improve Overall Meeting Satisfaction - When attendees experience meaningful engagement, they are more likely to return for their next meeting. They will also encourage others to register to be a part of future meetings. Increased meeting satisfaction has a direct correction with increased registration and revenue.

EVA Makes Matchmaking Powerful for In-Person, Virtual and Hybrid Meetings

Use EVA’s Matchmaking to connect attendees regardless of whether they are in-person or virtual. Attendees note how they are participating and set meeting locations on-site or online. Technology breaks down the barriers of attendees being divided by their physical location. Encourage connections that go beyond the conference walls and internet highways. Develop relationships that are not restricted by conference dates.

Virtual and Hybrid Meetings

Do you have a conference coming up?

Whether in-person, virtual, or hybrid, tap into EVA for a customized conference platform that can easily
incorporate AI-powered matchmaking for enhanced attendee engagement.