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Engagement Tools
  • What audio and video formats do you support? Describe your audio and video (live-streaming) functionality and where such technology is used within an event.

    General Sessions, Concurrent Sessions & Breakout Rooms

    EVA uses Zoom as its live-streaming service. Event attendees’ familiarity with the Zoom platform gives them a sense of confidence that the technology will be easy for them to use. Zoom Meetings and Webinars are used for plenary and concurrent sessions. Polling, surveys, whiteboards, chats, and sharing screens are all available features. 

    Round Table and Networking Rooms

    We use Amazon Chime’s services for 1:1 video calls, networking rooms as well as virtual conferences. Amazon Chime is a browser-based client-side application, on top of which EVA provides a user-friendly and customized interface that meets every meeting planner’s expectations. This custom interface enables you to make calls and even provides the option to chat, all from one single interface, fine-tuning the attendee experience to perfection. 

    EVA also provides the capability to integrate with alternative meeting platforms to meet your custom requirements, ensuring that you deliver a successful attendee experience. Meeting solutions and platforms that EVA can integrate with include (but are not limited to) – GoToMeeting, Adobe Connect, Webex Teams, and more.

  • What controls are in place to ensure that data provided by our organization and our users are protected? Do you provide an option for participants to download supplemental materials such as handouts?

    EVA’s team takes data security very seriously. We never share or sell any data that we collect on the EVA platform. Credit card information is never stored and is passed through to the payment processor in PCI-compliant encrypted format. Our servers are hosted by Amazon Web Services, which has strict security guidelines.

    Learn more about EVA’s security features and compliances.

  • Does EVA provide an option for participants to download supplemental materials such as handouts?

    Each session, trade show booth, and sponsors have downloading capabilities. EVA offers insight into who is downloading what materials.

  • Does an event participant have the ability to add the entire event as well as individual event sessions to their own personal or work calendar pre-event? Is the platform able to support an ICS file?

    Each participant can add every session, appointment with other attendees and exhibitors, and any other event listed on EVA onto their Attendee Profile as part of their Virtual Conference Calendar. Participants also will be able to download ICS calendar files for iCalendar and Google Calendar.

  • Describe your ability to rebroadcast sessions for post-event content.

    Recordings are made available within 48 hours of a session. If no editing is required, the session can be uploaded to the conference portal and broadcast within 48 hours. The amount of content may affect the time needed to edit, upload, and broadcast.

  • Are you able to host a virtual trade show? What features do you offer to promote exhibitor and sponsorship value?

    EVA has a Trade Show component that allows exhibitors to customize their exhibitor booth with ID banners, booth ads, videos, and brochure downloads. Your organization can decide what to display and customize it on various levels offering different benefits. Videos can be on-demand or live. 1:1, group text chat, and video chat are also available to promote networking. EVA’s team works with the exhibitors to collect, edit, and upload their exhibitor materials. Each exhibitor has access to metrics that let them know variables such as the number of impressions, click-throughs, downloads, etc.

  • What is the maximum number of concurrent sessions your platform can handle? Is there a maximum number of participants?

    There is no limit to either; we need to know your number of sessions and participants to ensure that we provide session techs and a robust server capacity to meet your requirements. 

  • For round tables, networking rooms, what is the maximum number of attendees who are able to video chat and be on screen at once?

    A maximum of 250 people can be on screen for one group chat. Any more than that and we would use Zoom Meetings to accommodate your larger audiences.

  • How are users able to chat with speakers/fellow attendees during the event?

    Attendees can view the directory of attendees. Attendees would need to opt-in to share their public profiles. There is an indicator to let attendees know who is currently online. Attendees can “ping” another individual to set up a meeting or text/video chat on-demand.

  • Can your platform integrate with other social networking tools, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn? What other social features do you offer?

    EVA allows for a social media wall as well as the opportunity to share all or specific pages of your virtual conference.

    Additionally, there is a feature in Zoom to stream out to Youtube and Facebook. EVA’s team can configure this for your virtual event. You can read more about it here.

  • Does the EVA platform have options for virtual networking sessions? Is that possible in 1:1, groups, or both?

    EVA provides 1:1 and group text and video networking sessions. Attendees can conduct their own networking sessions on demand. As the organizer, you can pre-plan designated times and rooms where attendees can gather.

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