100% safe and secure online conference platform

Security is EVA’s Top Priority

EVA considers the data security of its users to be the top-most priority, be it your login credentials or the security of your virtual portal. We configure advanced data and platform security features as well as implement the best practices on our virtual event platform to offer attendees a completely worry-free, secured, and consistent experience.


Password Security

One-way password encryption is one of the best data security practices that EVA follows. This is carried out using hashing, a technique that developers use to encrypt passwords that prevents hackers from getting access to your virtual portal.

Encryption in Transit

Protects data if communication is intercepted while data moves between our site and the cloud provider or between two services.

SSL Enabled

Our website has an SSL-secured certificate. A secure sign is visible in the URL bar along with the website address. This assures visitors that the website is safe to browse before sharing their sensitive information on the site.

Outdated Plugins and Extensions

We only use trusted plugins to avoid poor codes that might affect our website's features and functions.

Analytics and Monitoring Tool

Through Google Analytics, we conduct proper monitoring to keep track of any possible discrepancies on the website. It easily detects any negative trend on the website traffic or any other security insight that might lead to site hacking.

Compliance with Zoom Security

Security and accessibility being our topmost priority, we follow all the security compliances Zoom offers for making EVA one of the most secure online meeting platforms. From attendee registration to streaming conferences, meetings, and trade shows, Zoom offers several tools to protect user data, manage participant activity, and share information securely.

Zoom is compliant with all the latest data security and encryption standards that train EVA’s users to always enjoy a seamless, reliable, and secured event platform experience, always.


Amazon Web Services (AWS) Security Compliance

To securely store and retrieve users’ data EVA utilizes the Amazon S3 service. All the user information collected on EVA’s virtual event platform is stored in secured data buckets.

EVA’s virtual conference platform is compliant with Amazon Web Services (AWS) security policies. EVA makes use of Access Control Lists (ACLs) to control data sharing. Data stored can be retrieved only through CloudFront access, which makes the overall event experience completely secure and reliable.