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Live streaming has become a popular way for brands and organizations to connect with their audience. For businesses with a large contingent on LinkedIn, the LinkedIn Live video streaming feature allows qualifying organizations the great opportunity to leverage the platform.  In this article, we’ll discuss what LinkedIn Live is and how your organization can get started.

What is LinkedIn Live?

LinkedIn Live is a streaming tool created in early 2019 that enables approved members and Pages to broadcast live video content to a LinkedIn profile, page, or event. If you have ever “gone live” on Facebook or Instagram before it’s very similar, but with a couple of key differences; the biggest one being you have to be approved to broadcast. 

How do I get Started? 

A LinkedIn account can live stream if it has the following: 

  1. At least 150 followers or connections
  2. Recent shares of original content
  3. A good record of following LinkedIn’s policies

If your LinkedIn account is eligible, you can apply to access live streaming on LinkedIn by clicking here. From there, you can use either a third-party streaming tool or use one of LinkedIn’s partners to stream.

To learn how to set up and create LinkedIn livestreaming using a third-party broadcaster, check out the instructions and screenshots on the next page. 

How do I set up Live Streaming?

#1: Click on the following URL: 

#2. Under Stream Settings, select your region from the dropdown list provided

#3: Click Get URL

#4: Copy & paste both the Stream URL and Stream Key and paste them into the Stream URL and Stream Key areas in your third-party streaming software

#5: Once the stream is set up, you will see a “preview”. Click the Stream Live button in the upper right corner of the screen to start broadcasting.

Should You Use LinkedIn Live?

If your organization is looking for ways to leverage social media to create authentic engagements with your clients, LinkedIn Live is a great tool to consider. It allows you to stream live to a group of people who have opted into learning about your business in a professional environment. 

Determining whether it is worth the investment in staff time and production costs is a business by business decision, but LinkedIn Live can be a great tool for organizations who want to stay top-of-mind.

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