Create deeper engagements, reach out to a wider audience.

Use EVA’s virtual platform to bring both in-person and virtual attendees together, no matter where they are.

EVA’s virtual platform

Transform Digital Experience from Registration to Online Participation

Setup once

EVA’s virtual platform is fully customizable and easy to set up. Share your conference materials just once. We set things up just as you want them to be while you focus on your conference agenda and form engagement strategies! Enjoy a hassle-free experience with EVA.

Encourage Attendee Engagement

Utilize engagement tools like AI-powered matchmaking, gamification and more, to stir up natural meaningful conversations and create networks that last for a long time.

Review Analytics for Future Success

Say goodbye to working in spreadsheets and manually tracking data. Gain insights about your event with readymade data analytics dashboards that help you track sessions, reveal areas for improvement and predict future success.

One Site for All Your Conference Content

Enable your attendees to access all your conference content from a centralized location. The easier the access to your content, the better the engagement, which means it is highly likely that most of your attendees are going to return back to your next event.

Easily identify meetings and events that are in-person and/or virtual

EVA’s virtual platform ensures that you do not miss out on your meetings and conferences that are in-person and/or virtual.

Flexible Streaming Options

EVA’s team works with you and your AV company to stream in and out content and engagement.

Stream In

  • Featured Speakers: Easily have your virtual speakers join Zoom as a speaker or panelist.  This stream is passed through to the AV company to feature on screens in person while EVA streams the same video to virtual attendees.
  • Virtual Attendees: Showcase your virtual attendees on-screen in the ballroom/meeting room. Whether it’s a gallery view or allowing attendees to provide input or ask questions, EVA’s team will coordinate with your AV company to ensure that attendees can be seen in person and virtually.

Stream Out

Your AV company will provide a live feed of what’s happening on your in-person stage to EVA’s production team. Team EVA will stream your content out to virtual attendees.

Break Out Sessions

Have your virtual attendees participate in breakout sessions with in-person attendees. Create virtual breakout sessions that either connect independently with other virtual attendees or let EVA assist in giving virtual attendees a seat at the in-person table. 

Increase ROI for Exhibitors & Sponsors

Extend Exhibit Hours - Allow exhibitors and sponsors to host lead-generating activities online beyond exhibit hall walls and hours.

Appointment Setting

Meet in-person or online with people with who you actually want to connect.

Online Materials

Boost attendee engagement and generate more significant ROI for your exhibitors/sponsors. Enable your attendees to make meaningful connections with other attendees, extend their conversations beyond the session rooms, and develop a network that lasts beyond the conference “walls.”


Exhibitors can offer videos to view and materials to download which allows them to see who is downloading material

Data Analytics

From audience engagement, sponsorship revenue to registration demographics, deep dive into sophisticated event analytics

Offer the Best Hybrid Networking Experience

Deliver a rich and powerful engagement experience that makes your attendees come back to your next event.

EVA’s gamification incentivizes attendees to engage the conference platform to maximize their online experience. Attendees are rewarded for attending conference sessions, connecting with peers, visiting exhibitor booths and other activities that encourage engagement. Tap into your attendees’ competitive nature and leverage game principles that include goals, points, badges and leaderboards to reward them.


Equipped with AI-driven matchmaking. EVA’s virtual conference platform boosts attendee engagement and generates more significant ROI for your exhibitors/sponsors. By providing an elevated networking experience, your attendees can make meaningful connections with other attendees, extend their conversations beyond the session rooms and develop a network that lasts beyond the conference “walls.”


EVA real time video and text chat

1:1 Video/Text Chat

Facilitate real-time 1:1 video and text chat for attendees on EVA’s online conference platform. Seamlessly connect and collaborate with other attendees, sponsors or exhibitors, whom they really want to engage with.


Top Recommendations Before You Go Hybrid

Efficiently planning and visualizing your upcoming hybrid event helps you drive event success. Learn the top tips and recommendations from industry leaders by watching these byte-sized videos and seamlessly go hybrid.

Getting Started with Hybrid Events

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Zoom Room Techs

Onsite Hybrid Coordinator

Real-Time Online Help Desk

Simply Going Hybrid

Review & Predict Future Success with Data Insights

Simplify event reporting by significantly reducing the load on your team. Easily access advanced event metrics for each event right inside EVA's platform. Dive into in-depth reports that bring out every detail of your hybrid event and help you analyze how successful the event is. From audience engagement, sponsorship revenue to registration demographics, EVA presents you with every possible combination of event metrics that the meeting professionals would love to see.