Virtual Conference and LMS Integration

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Virtual Conference and LMS Integration


Expand your education components, enhance member engagement, and increase non-dues revenue by offering a Learning
Management System (LMS) with an integrated Virtual Conference Platform. Deliver engaging member education and
certification programs simply and inexpensively by integrating your live meeting sessions into an LMS, so your conference
content lives on indefinitely beyond your meeting dates.

Virtual Conference Platform

  • Real-Time Networking
  • Sophisticated Data Analytics
  • 1:1 Group Video/ Text Chats
  • Sponsors
  • Gamification
  • Matchmaking
  • Surveys/Polls
  • Appointment Setting

Learning Management System

  • Anytime, Anywhere on Any Device
  • E-Commerce
  • Multi-Media Content Creation
  • Learning Paths
  • CE Credits, Certificates, Certifications, & Digital Badges
  • Reporting, & Dashboards
  • Unlimited Content Storage

Enhance Member Engagement + Generate More Revenue

  • Extend Content Beyond Meeting Walls
  • Enhanced Member Engagement
  • Increased Revenue

Enhance Member Experience with EVA and MapleLMS

EVA’s seamless integration with MapleLMS bridges the gap between attending live conferences and accessing course content through separate systems. By integrating the two platforms, you can record your conference sessions, add them to the LMS and allow members who missed an event to access the on-demand content, all from one single system. Bring in event data like attendee engagement, session performance, sponsor/exhibitor ROI from EVA’s virtual platform and marry it up with real-time course reports from MapleLMS. Improve meeting experiences and derive a personalized learning path for each member with detailed analytics from both platforms.

EVA’s Top LMS Integrations Include

Maple LMS Integration
OpenWater LMS Integration
BlueSky Elearning LMS Integration
CommPartners LMS Integration
Cornerstone LMS Integration
Nimble LMS Integration

Have a different LMS? EVA’s team can help you integrate any LMS of your choice. Ask us to explore possibilities.

Make Your Integration Work

Strategically plan and implement the LMS integration to make the most out of your investment. Learn the top tips and best practices from meeting professionals and data experts.

Data Sync Scenarios

Learn how the data looks before integrating.

Data Points to Consider

Assess the engagement data points prior to integation.

Post-Integration Tips

Actionable items post-integration for maximized results.