Increasing Engagement with Your Mobile Event App

Event mobile apps have long been a staple of both in-person and virtual conferences and meetings. But, with emerging technological capabilities, they are becoming an increasingly popular tool for event organizers to engage their attendees.

An event mobile app can provide a variety of features, such as personalized schedules and notifications, interactive polls, messaging services, and more. With the right mobile event app in place, organizers can create a more cohesive experience for attendees that are tailored to their individual needs.

So, what are some ways that your mobile event app can help support attendee engagement? Let’s take a closer look at how event organizers are boosting their event strategy directly from the attendee’s mobile device.

Mobile Event Apps Provide Personalized Schedules and Push Notifications

One of the most effective ways to keep your attendees engaged is to provide them with a personalized schedule and push notifications. With a mobile event app, you can set up customized schedules for each attendee that are tailored to their individual interests. This helps ensure every attendee has an experience that is catered specifically to what they are looking for. And, the data shows people are using this feature. A recent study showed a whopping 97% of event attendees use the agenda feature in their event app!

Attendee experience is greatly improved when mobile event apps have user experience in mind. Instead of looking at a wall of sessions for the entire event, attendees can have easy access to the sessions and events that are right for them. This is only the tip of the iceberg of how customized scheduling at both small and large events can be improved.

Additionally, you can take advantage of push notifications to remind your attendees about upcoming sessions or activities that are of interest to them. This helps keep them informed and engaged throughout the event. But, one thing to keep in mind is how your push notifications are impacting your attendee event experience. Too few push notifications and they may miss out on valuable information that could improve their experience. Too many push notifications and your attendees could become overwhelmed by your event app.

Interactive Polls Are Unleashed in Event Apps

Interactive polls are a great way to engage your attendees and gain valuable feedback. With the help of an event mobile app, you can easily collect responses from your attendees with interactive polls that allow them to provide their opinion in real time. This helps ensure that you gain insights about what worked well and what areas of improvement need attention for future events.

But, the benefits span far beyond helping event planners. Live polls can serve as an invaluable tool for attendee engagement. By taking the time to craft a great interactive poll, you’ll be able to drive engagement and spur conversation between both live and virtual attendees.

With the right mobile app provider, data collection is just the beginning. Your interactive and live polls can serve as a powerful tool for event engagement.

Utilizing Messaging Services in Your Mobile Event App

Your mobile event apps can be used to create an ongoing conversation with your attendees. With the help of messaging services, you can connect with all of your participants in one place and provide a single, unified platform for communication. This helps keep conversations organized and allows your guests to easily access important messages related to the event.

Messaging services can also be used to help maintain momentum and engagement with your attendees. By taking the time to craft messages that are tailored to each attendee and their interests, you’ll be able to keep them engaged and actively participating throughout the event. In addition, messaging services can also be used for post-event follow-ups, allowing you to keep the conversation going even after the event has ended.

Attendee-to-attendee messaging is another great way to foster engagement at events. With messaging services, attendees can easily connect with each other and start conversations around topics of interest. This helps build connections between individuals, as well as a sense of community throughout the event. Additionally, it gives attendees the opportunity to find like-minded people who share similar interests and goals. This helps create meaningful interactions and an enjoyable event for everyone involved.

By allowing attendees various networking opportunities within the event app, you’re unleashing a powerful engagement tool. And, it’s not only individuals who are attending in person that can benefit. Virtual events and hybrid events are greatly enhanced by an event mobile app that connects your attendees to other attendees. In fact, a 2022 study showed the second most popular reason for attending a virtual event is networking!

Keeping the Information on Your Event App Up-to-Date

Having all of the bells and whistles on an event app can go a long way toward spurring attendee engagement. But, when attendees are fully utilizing your event technology, the event team needs to ensure the information presented is accurate. This means your event app must be kept up-to-date.

And, while this seems intuitive, it’s often a heavy strain on event planners and organizers. Oftentimes, they’re not only updating their conference app, but they are separately required to go into their mobile event apps to make changes as well. The result is double data entry that can often be overlooked, meaning audience engagement could be significantly hampered.

This is where it is crucial to have an event platform that works seamlessly with mobile technology. EVA partners with Guidebook, the premiere event app provider, to ensure any changes made to the event platform are synced to the event app. By creating event content that is consistent across platforms, you’re turning mobile devices into engagement tools.

The Implications of Engagement with Event Mobile Apps

Mobile event apps need to have a seat at the table when your organization is going through event planning. Are you looking for ways to bolster in-person events? Or, do you need to assess virtual event apps to boost engagement for an upcoming event? Whatever the need, event planners have to be able to understand and optimize the interplay between their event platform and their conference app.

Event mobile apps can be a powerful tool for driving attendee engagement. With the right platform to host your event content and app provider to curate it, you can easily create interactive polls and messaging services that will keep attendees engaged throughout your conference or event.

By leveraging these tools, you can create a more meaningful conversation with both your virtual and in-person attendees. Your event mobile app can become an invaluable asset for connecting people, fostering collaboration, and providing a powerful platform for communication.

Ready to take your next event up a notch and find an event platform that integrates with a leading app creator? Book a demo with EVA today to deliver the best mobile event experience to all your attendees.

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