Social Media Wall

Connecting Online Conversations with Conference Content

Integrate Your Social Media Feed

Showcase your social media feed on your event website. Display social media posts and discussions relevant to your #hashtag. EVA pulls in posts from Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter for real-time updates encouraging the conversation to go beyond your ballroom walls. EVA’s event management platform is capable of integrating with 16 social media platforms.


Integrate with 16 apps, infinite possibilities

EVA’s event management platform is capable of integrating with 16 social media platforms. So you can connect all the tools that you use today and tomorrow.

Encourage Engaging Conversations Beyond Your In-Person, Hybrid or Virtual Event

What exactly is an event social media wall? EVA’s social media wall is an engagement tool that collects content posted by attendees, speakers, authors, and sponsors using your event’s hashtag. These posts are collected on a single page on EVA’s Event Management Platform. EVA’s social media wall acts as a social hub that enables easy sharing of posts through personal social media accounts, encouraging interaction between attendees, speakers, sponsors, and fans.

Deliver truly engaging experiences to attendees at your in-person, virtual or hybrid events.

Increase registrations by showcasing what influencers have to say about your event. Highlight sessions and promote different activities happening at your event.

Enhance engagement by bridging the gap between virtual and in-person attendees in terms of communication. Leverage a social media wall to engage and connect everyone during the event.

Encourage audience participation and add depth to the event experience by creating a sense of community using a social media wall. Enable attendees to connect with sponsors/exhibitors as well as each other.

Use EVA's Social Media Wall to...

Get Ready with Your Social Wall in Minutes!

Connect social media handles and build your social media wall in no time with EVA. All you need to do is share your social media handles (accounts) with us and our team will set things up for you real quick.


Step 1: Connect

Simply input your social media handles.

Step 2: Display Your Wall

Seamlessly display your social media feeds, ready to share.

Connecting the Social Media World with your IRL Event using EVA’s Social Media Wall

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