Introducing Self-Check-in

Streamline your onsite registration process

Welcome to a new era of event management. We’re thrilled to introduce our latest feature: Self Check-in, designed to further streamline your event registration process. EVA’s Salesforce Event Registration App now allows attendees to check themselves in, reducing wait times and improving the overall experience.

EVA Salesforce Event Registration Self Check-In App

Empower Attendees with Self Check-in

With our innovative Self Check-in feature, your attendees can now skip the queues and check themselves in at their own convenience. This not only reduces the administrative burden on your team but also provides a seamless experience for your attendees, making your events more enjoyable and efficient.

Enhanced Security

We take your security seriously. Our SSO feature reduces the number of times users have to enter their credentials, minimizing the risk of password-related security issues. Rest assured, your information is safe with us.

How does Self Checkin Work

How it Works

The process is simple. Attendees receive a unique QR code via email upon registration. Upon arrival at the event, they scan this code at one of the self-check-in stations. The system automatically recognizes the code and checks them in, all within seconds.

Benefits of Self Check-in

Reduced Wait Times

With self-check-in, long queues and waiting times become things of the past.

Increased Efficiency

Your staff can focus on other important tasks, knowing that the check-in process is running smoothly.

Improved Attendee Experience

Attendees can enjoy the event without any hassle, contributing to a positive overall experience.

Real-Time Data

Get real-time information about attendee check-ins, helping you maintain control and oversight of your event.

Why Choose EVA Salesforce Registration App?

Our app is native to Salesforce, a platform trusted by businesses worldwide. We’re committed to providing robust and reliable solutions for your event management needs.

Join us in revolutionizing the way events are managed. Experience seamless access with the Single Sign-On feature in the EVA Salesforce Registration App.

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