Online Payment Processing

Secure. Automated. Easy Access.

Easy Integration with Your Payment Gateway

Secure eCommerce Transactions

EVA never stores your credit card details. Through secure integrations with the payment gateway of your choice, EVA encrypts all sensitive payment details. EVA’s team takes security seriously, implementing the best practices for payments and transactions.

Automated Transactions and Funds Directly to Your Account

By integrating with your payment processor, funds are routed directly to your account. EVA never touches your funds. You can run auditing reports in EVA to assess what transactions have taken place and compare them with your merchant processing account.

Easy to Integrate

After you set up your payment processing account, all you have to do is enter a few account details into EVA, test, and start accepting payments. EVA offers easy-to-follow guides to walk you through every step of the process.

Easy and Secure Checkout for Registrations

Give your registrants peace of mind that you are safely collecting payment details. Remove any doubt of security by integrating with a trusted and secure payments processor.

No Hidden Fees

EVA does not charge a per-transaction fee. The integration is a part of EVA’s commitment to providing robust features to make your event registration journey easy and transparent.

EVA’s Payment Processors

EVA takes the security of your payment details seriously while ensuring a smooth transaction process in your event portal. We use the latest in security technology, including Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption, to ensure that your payment details are transmitted securely and remain confidential. Protect your attendees with enterprise-grade security and top-notch payment processors. Here are some of the most trusted and reliable payment processors that EVA supports: