Deliver Greater Exhibitor ROI Using Your Event Platform

5 best practices that will add value to your trade show

With EVA’s guide, you can create a range of valuable benefits that will keep your exhibitors happy and coming back for more. Event platforms offer opportunities to extend benefits beyond the trade show floor with tools like matchmaking, appointment setting, and virtual networking rooms! This guide offers ideas that event planners can easily implement. Start adding simple but impactful benefits today and see your trade show revenue increase!

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About the Guide

One of the most important functions an event organizer serves is providing methods for exhibitor ROI. But, with so many issues facing exhibitors in today’s event climate, organizers need to adapt to provide value that helps them realize a meaningful return. This guide looks at five core challenges that are facing exhibitors, and how organizations can help:

Challenge 1: Limited Role for Exhibitors

Exhibitors are always seeking ways to cut through the clutter and connect with prospects. And, the pandemic and a shift to virtual and hybrid events haven’t made that task any easier. They’re trying to get a return on investment for exhibiting – but how can they build rapport and thought leadership if they can’t leave the booth?


Challenge 2: Overwhelmed by Junk Leads

Not every attendee is a perfect match for an exhibitor, and without knowing who the right prospects are, exhibitors often waste time and resources on the wrong prospect. There has to be a way for exhibitors to know who the right leads for them are, without sifting through mountains of unqualified prospects, right?

Challenge 3: Can’t Build Relationships

Our exhibitors typically have long sales cycles but are only making surface-level connections in virtual and hybrid conferences. They’re not seeing the value and it’s leading them to consider allocating their budget elsewhere. Isn’t there a way we can facilitate meaningful connections that will connect leads to exhibitors.

Challenge 4: Unable to Connect at the Right Time

Attendees are scrambling from session to session. And, when they want to visit an exhibitor’s booth or have a chat – the lines to chat with a rep are 10 deep! With events being so jam-packed, how can we ensure attendees will actually get the chance to discuss their business needs with an exhibitor?

Challenge 5: Exhibitors Aren’t Seen as Part of the Community

Exhibitors are knee-deep in the concerns of attendees. They meticulously research and develop solutions that can really help the industry. But, they’re seen by their prospects as outsiders looking to capitalize. Is there a way the exhibitors can shed that perception and be seen as solution-oriented members of the community?

We Have the Answers!

We’ve provided a playbook to start overcoming these challenges.  Download the Deliver Greater Exhibitor ROI Using Your Event Platform guide to start bringing greater returns for your exhibitors.

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