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Seamless Integration for Effortless Event Management

Welcome to EVA Event Tech Hub, your all-in-one solution for integrating and optimizing your event technology. Say goodbye to the hassle of juggling multiple platforms and double data entries and hello to a streamlined, efficient process that enhances every aspect of your event planning.

Screen shot of EVA Event Tech Hub Administrative Portal that hosts the session management feature

Why Choose EVA Event Tech Hub?

1. Eliminate Double Data Entry

Tired of entering the same information across different systems? EVA Event Tech Hub eradicates the need for redundant data entry by integrating seamlessly with your existing event tech. Spend less time on tedious tasks and more time focusing on what matters most—creating memorable events.

2. Centralized Content and Data

Experience the power of centralization. EVA Event Tech Hub brings all your content and data under one roof, giving you a single point of control for managing your event. Track registrations, manage schedules, and monitor attendee interactions—all from one intuitive platform.

3. Increase Attendee Engagement

Engagement is key to a successful event, and EVA Event Tech Hub makes it easier than ever. By leveraging our integration capabilities, you can provide attendees with a cohesive and interactive experience, keeping them engaged from start to finish. Boost participation, enhance satisfaction, and leave a lasting impression.

How Does It Work?

  1. Integrate: Connect EVA Event Tech Hub with your existing event technology stack . Our platform supports a wide range of tools, ensuring compatibility and ease of use.


  1. Centralize: Once integrated, all your data and content are synchronized and centralized within EVA Event Tech Hub. Access and manage everything you need from one dashboard.


  1. Engage: Utilize our suite of engagement tools to create a dynamic and interactive event experience. From personalized agendas to matchmaking, keep your attendees involved and invested.
Screen shot of EVA Event Tech Hub Session Management form to collect Speaker Materials

Event Tech for Event Professionals and Meeting Planners

Whether you’re organizing corporate conferences, trade shows, or private gatherings, EVA Event Tech Hub simplifies the complexities of event planning. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing all your tech is working harmoniously together.

Key Features of EVA's Session Management System

Automated Entry Collection

Simplify the Call for Speakers process with an automated system that collects speaker entries efficiently.

Advanced Entry Sorting and Filtering

Our platform allows you to easily sort and filter submissions based on criteria such as topics, expertise, or speaker ratings, helping you make informed decisions quickly.

Intuitive Agenda Builder

Create and customize your event agenda with a user-friendly interface, adding, organizing, and modifying sessions as needed.

Real-Time Updates and Notifications

Keep all stakeholders in the loop with real-time updates. Any changes to the schedule or sessions are instantly updated on the public-facing portion of the platform.

Comprehensive Speaker Management

From collecting session materials to managing speaker bios and headshots, our platform simplifies every step of speaker management.

Robust Analytics and Reporting

Gain valuable insights into your session management process with detailed analytics and reporting features, enabling continuous improvement.

Benefits for Attendees

Attendees are at the heart of every successful event, and EVA Event Tech Hub ensures their experience is exceptional. Here’s how attendees benefit from our innovative platform:

Personalized Experiences

Tailored agendas and content recommendations enhance attendee engagement and satisfaction.

Seamless Interaction

Easy navigation and real-time updates ensure a smooth event experience.

Enhanced Networking Opportunities

Advanced matchmaking tools help attendees make meaningful connections effortlessly.

Interactive Engagement

Gamification and virtual networking boost attendee participation and enjoyment.

Easy Access to Resources

Centralized event materials and resources provide hassle-free access to valuable content.

By focusing on the attendee experience, EVA Event Tech Hub helps create memorable, impactful events that resonate long after they conclude.

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