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Work Smarter, Not Harder

More than ever meeting planners are asked to do more. Before the pandemic, planners were stretched to wear many hats to deliver the best-in-show experience for members, board members, exhibitors and other stakeholders.

  • “Event Planning is one of the most stressful jobs in the world” [Source: Convene]
  • According to CareerCast, event planners rank among the top 5 as the most stressful jobs.

Partnering with suppliers can be an extremely powerful tool that can extend your capabilities. Choose the right tools to make the journey easier for your association or nonprofit.


EVA’s online event registration platform enables you to create a custom journey for your registrants.

Simple. Intelligent. Secure.


On-Brand Experience

Fully customizable registration portal using your logos, images and colors.


Single Sign-On

Smart and secure login to AMS/CRM for enhanced registration experience.


AMS/CRM Integration

Data supported pre-filled form fields for an easy registration process.


Custom Discount Codes

Unlimited personalized promotional discounts on tickets or entire cart purchases.


Secure Payment Processing

PCI-compliant platform with third-party merchant processing capability for streamlined payment reconciliation.

Virtual Conference

An online conference experience that goes beyond streaming content. EVA provides engaging experiences for attendees, exhibitors and sponsors.

Going virtual is now easier than ever.


AI-Powered Matchmaking

Auto-recommendation of attendees with similar interests and goals clubbed with seamless networking using 1:1 video call or text chat functionality.



Elevated attendee engagement and participation via in-event gamification leveraging leaderboards, points, badges and other gaming components.


Breakout Rooms

Educational breakout sessions to encourage meaningful discussions while boosting engagement.


Conference Analytics

Insightful conference analytics - analyze engagement, track session performances, measure sponsor/exhibitor ROI, and more.


Real-Time Assistance

Real-time management of your entire conference with seamless troubleshooting made simpler with EVA’s virtual production team always available to support.

Virtual Trade Shows

The complete lead generation experience. Deliver real value to your sponsors, drive qualified leads, attract exhibitors and build an effective sales pipeline.

Bring your trade shows to life with EVA.


Customizable Virtual Booth

Customize your booth for maximized brand recognition using your logos, colors and images.


Sponsorship Opportunities

Add more value by offering banners and rotating images instead of just directory listings.


Exhibitor Chat

1:1 chat rooms, video calls, moderated/unmoderated chats and attendee profiles, tailored for exhibitors.


Meeting Scheduler

Easy appointment bookings and meetings between exhibitors and attendees for hassle-free communication.


Trade Show Analytics

Track overall engagements, performances vs. event averages, lead demographics and more comprehensive metrics powered on EVA's virtual trade show platform.

Insightful Data Insights Dashboard Makes EVA More Powerful

EVA is not your ordinary registration and virtual conference platform. We provide powerful data analytics within an interactive dashboard supported by event data. Bring in data from your Association Management System (AMS) or Customer Relations Management (CRM) and marry it up with your attendees' online engagement. EVA provides you with: